Reservation required.   Items are placed into storage based on when you would like them back in the Spring. When scheduling, remember that first into storage in the Fall is equal to last out of storage in the Spring. Below is a guide to help you schedule and may change permitting consistent good weather conditions in the months of February and March. In this instance items will begin to come out of storage at the end of March.

​When storing with Waterland Marine,  items will not be serviced or stored until the Reservation for Service an Storage and Waiver of Subrogation is on file.  You may do so online or print out and mail or fax to us.

Scheduling Guide for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

In August 31- September 5 → Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in May

In September 7- September 12→  Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in May

In September 14- September 19 → Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in May

In September 21- September 26 →  Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in May

In September 28- October 3 →  Suggested out: First 2 weeks in May

In October 5- October 10 →  Suggested out: First 2 weeks in May

In October 12- October 17 → Suggested out: First 2 weeks in May

In October 19- October 24 → Suggested out: First 2 weeks in May

In October 26- October 31 → Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in April

In November 2- November 7 → Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in April

In November 9- November 14 → Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in April

In November 16- November 21 → Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in April

In November 23- November 28 → Suggested out: First 2 weeks in April

In November 30- December 5 → Suggested out: First 2 weeks in April

In December 7- December 12 → Suggested out: First 2 weeks in April

In December 14- December 19 → Suggested out: First 2 weeks in April

In December 21- December 23 → Suggested out: Last 2 weeks in March

The exception to stored items coming out of storage before April 1, would be weather permitting.  If there is a consistency in warm weather conditions for the months of February and March, stored items may begin to be pulled from storage in late March, in which case your stored item will be ready for delivery or 1. pick prior to the date you requested.  This also means that all requested dates will be moved earlier accordingly.  We do our best to accommodate all circumstances.  Keeping within schedule guidelines help us better serve all customers, we hope you understand!

Guide to how Storage Season Will Run:

Storage Season Beginning in the Fall

  1. Call to schedule Fall pick up of items(s) or let us know when you would like to drop off item(s) for storage.
  2. Please be sure to have Service and Storage Reservation Form completed as well as the Waiver of Subrogation Agreement and back to us before the time of pick up or at drop off.  We can email or mail this to you as well.
  3. If we have questions we will always call, but we hope you enjoy your Winter/Holiday Season and we will talk to you in the Spring!

Storage Season Beginning in the Spring

  1. Give us a call in the Spring when you are ready to pick up or schedule delivery of stored item(s).  We appreciate a 2 week notice, we try our best to accommodate all requests.  Remember, items are staged in building according to your out request, a request change in out date may not be feasible if done at this time.
  2. Please do not request an item out of storage unless you are ready for it.  We appreciate a timely pick up or delivery of item, once the item is ready.
  3. We hope you enjoy Summer!  If you do not call to request items out out storage, Summer Storage rates will be continuously billed until item(s) is picked up.

Friendly Reminders

  1.  We appreciate when boats are covered and packed up upon pickup or arrival to Waterland Marine.  Boats will be stored just as they are brought in.  Please note, if we cover your boat, it will subject to a $25 fee.  We hope you understand as we have hundreds of customers and this helps keep our time devoted to servicing and storing boats.  We understand that in some cases it is not possible to cover your boat in advance.  Fees will be assessed at our discretion.
  2. Please be sure that if we are picking up your boat that ladders, bimini tops, covers, and other items are secured and packed properly to avoid damage during transportation
  3. Waterland Marine will not be held responsible for damages due to regular “wear and tear”.  Due, but not limited, to lack of maintenance, aftermarket covers/poles, or
  4. Remember the dates you have requested on the In/Out preference on your reservation form.  Keep this in mind for your dock and lift installer that you use in the Spring so there are no delivery delays.  Your stored item(s) will be ready for pickup/delivery around the time you have requested.  (A call to initiate the pick up or delivery is still necessary)
  5. We kindly ask that when your item(s) is ready for pick up or delivery, you are too!  When items stay in our lot for a period of time, this takes away from the space we can devote to continuously getting customers boats out and ready for Summer use.  We hope you appreciate that the quick pick up or delivery of your item(s) means that you and your neighbors will get items as fast as possible!
  6.  All items requiring service must have battery and keys left with boat.  If not, a fee of $25 may be assessed.  Again we hope you understand as this holds up the schedule for servicing and storing of items.  The fee to pull out a battery and pick it up for Winter storage is $25/er battery.
  7.   All belongings in stored boat, car, or rv will remain in the stored item for the entirety of the storage season.  We do not typically open storage buildings until April 1.  We understand that circumstances change and sometimes exceptions need to be made.  If for some reason there is an immediate need, we are willing to accommodate, this may be subject to a fee that will be assessed per trip to the storage building.
  8.   Waterland Marine is not responsible for belonging left in stored items.  Please remember to remove all important or valuable personal items before storing.
  9.   Please let us know if you plan to have large repairs such as new upholstery or flooring done during the Fall/Winter season.  This helps us store items appropriately so we are able to have them available for service or repair.
  10.   All stored items that do not need service or repair, require payment at drop off.
  11.   All invoices are due on receipt.  Invoices not paid by March 1, will incur a $75 late fee.  Invoices not paid according to terms will cause delay when requesting items out of storage.  Items will not be pulled from storage until account is paid in full.